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Holiday Greetings:

2020 has brought unprecedented difficulties to all of our lives. The pandemic has increased the number of individuals in need of assistance in our community. As families are dealing with food, housing, employment insecurities many of the normal services are shut down or working at low capacity. We are doing everything we can to help those who relied on the pantries that had to close. We ourselves are dealing with the loss of income due to having to close our garage sale side. We are also working shorthanded as the majority of our volunteers are in the high-risk group for the COVID-19 virus.

This year, more than ever, it is important for us to keep our doors open. We feel that the needs of the community will continue to grow. The resources that were available during the spring are growing smaller; the need for help is ongoing. We continue to feed as many people in the greater community as possible. We provide gasoline gift cards, funds for prescriptions, phones, laundry, shoes and more along with free bread and free clothing. Because of the amazing generosity of our community, we have continued to serve hundreds of households in need 6 days a week since the first stay-at-home order in March. We are extremely proud and grateful for our employees, volunteers and our generous donors that have allowed us to do so much good in 2020.

We cannot do this without your support, so we are asking again for your help. We are asking you to help your fellow human. Please consider instead of a onetime donation, why not join the ‘Sustainable Club’. This club is a group of donors that give monthly. This would mean income that we could count on. It is easy to setup. Go to our website – – click on the DONATE button and choose your amount and with a few clicks you will be set and we will continue to help our community with your partnership.

We know at this time of year that there are many money requests. We hope that you can look in your heart and find room for our organization and our mission. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read our appeal and we look forward to hearing from you.

We wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and prosperous 2021.


The Board of Directors

2020 Board of Directors:

President Sylvia Terry, Vice-President Ronald D. Cave, Treasurer Robert A. Knight,

Members: Lanny Bachtle, Vicki Charlesworth, Pastor Craig Gibson,

Lindsey Hales, Nick Jordan, H. Greg Seeley


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