Shawnee Community Services

SCS welcomes aluminum can donations. The proceeds are used to pay the gas bill.

  • SCS does NOT pay for or purchase any form of products to be recycled.

  • SCS no longer has a container for cardboard and plastic 

  • SCS does NOT accept glass containers. Ripple glass has purple containers located at many shopping centers around the metro.

  • SCS can NOT accept used paint. If you are a Johnson County Kansas resident you can call JoCo Wastewater for an appointment to drop off paint products.

  • SCS can NOT accept tires or oil or any type of hazardous materials or household chemicals.

  • SCS “recycles” by RE-USE many items that are in usable condition.  SCS can accept area rugs of all sizes however, SCS can NOT re- use wall-to-wall carpeting or the padding and it must be disposed of by the carpet installer or taken to the landfill.

  • SCS is no longer taking E-waste which includes televisions, scanners, copiers, printers.

Clothing and shoes are given away free; these items need to arrive at SCS in wearable condition. Clothing and shoes are recycled by RE-USE.

The following items can NOT be accepted until further notice due to space limitations caused by COVID-19 pandemic:

 Mattresses are accepted in clean, usable condition; they can not have urine or blood stains. 

Furniture, bric-a-brac, knick knacks and other household goods are all accepted in useable condition. They are recycled by RE-USE.

Please!! call ahead for exercise equipment.   truckload quantities are no longer accepted due to space restrictions.

We are NOT able to accept any size desk.


Shawnee Community Services has many volunteer opportunities available.  Click here for a full description.