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Bitter, dangerous cold this week

Why am I posting this? Because we are concerned about the dangerous temperatures and how that affects our staff, volunteers and especially our neighbors coming in to SCS . Please call, check our website ( or

Facebook for weather related adjustments or closures related to SCS.

A blast of winter weather this week is expected to bring with it snow and sub-zero wind chills to Johnson County and the Kansas City area.

Why it matters: It may give us a white Christmas, but the very cold temperatures — with the possibility for wind chills as low as -40 degrees — will pose a real danger.

Extreme cold: Bitter cold is expected to arrive in the region starting Thursday.

· The NWS is predicting wind chills could drop to -30 or -40 below at times from Thursday through Christmas Eve on Saturday.

· Forecasters are urging people to prepare now in case they must go out on those days.

· The dangerous cold will linger on Christmas Day itself, with a wind chill still expected to be well below zero.

What you can do: The National Weather Service says when wind chills are -20 degrees or colder, exposed skin can suffer frostbite in just 30 minutes.

· If you must go out, wear a hat, gloves and scarf and cover your mouth to prevent extremely cold air from getting in your lungs.

· If you must drive somewhere, make sure your car has a roadside emergency kit that includes a blanket, a change of warm clothes and winter boots.

· Inside your home, guard against frozen pipes by opening cabinet doors to any faucets that sit along exterior walls and let your faucets drip at night.

Please, please plan now. Find those coats, gloves, hat's, long underwear, anything before then.


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