Closed today

Shawnee Community Services is closed today. I feel that this is the most prudent decision to protect our staff & volunteers due to the road, parking lot and sidewalk conditions. All community service help and volunteers MUST call 913-568-3902 and speak with Sylvia. Thank you for your patience. Be safe and warm.

Icy conditions Wednesday

It appears road conditions will be icy and dangerous until after 9 am. We want to keep our volunteers safe. I expect that Shawnee Community Services will not open before 10am. All community service persons should call 9135683902 to check in regarding whether SCS is open Everyone please be careful!

need food today

Santa Fe weigh station located at st. Mark's Methodist Church in Overland Park near Metcalf and Shawnee Mission Parkway, had food available today without an appointment from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Open today & Monday

We are open today, Saturday January 19th. We will be open Monday, January 21st, Martin Luther King, Jr Day.

When it is icy/slick/bad weather

It appears we are going to have several rounds of winter weather in the next two weeks. We plan to be open unless conditions would endanger our volunteers. Please CALL 913-268-7746 to check our status when conditions are icy. I will continue to post here also. If you are scheduled for community service you MUST contact Sylvia Terry by calling 913-268-7746, no exceptions.

OPEN Monday 1/14/19

The sidewalks are clear however, the parking lot is not. Today, Monday, January 14th, please be aware that our parking lot will be challenging. Be careful. We are open and will make available whatever perishable food products we are able to gather. We are seeking someone to help with the parking lot in future. If you have a recommendation, please call Sylvia at 913-268-7746.

Closing 3 p.m. today

Due to the weather conditions and the Chiefs game we are going to leave at 3 p.m. today. We will open regular hours on Monday

we are up & running!

The sidewalks are cleared! We are open for business and the volunteers are showing up with their bakery pick ups. We have some bread and sweets on the shelves. The streets are not bad. We have coffee and cookies for those who venture in. p.s. community service workers are expected to call

SNOW! Saturday 1/13/19

We plan to open today. The parking lot has not been plowed. We are SLOWLY clearing the sidewalks. We are short staffed. At this time there is no way to know what food products we will have available. My recommendation is to stay home, be warm and dry. Thank you for your patience.

A New Year begins

Wednesday, January 2, 2019 we will resume regular hours of operation. We will resume taking household goods and furnishings from 9am until 4pm Monday thru Friday and 9am until 3pm on Saturdays. As a reminder, we do not have a pick up service and all items must be in clean, usable condition; we reserve the right to refuse any householdgoods and furnishings that do not fit our requirements. We are specifically in need of shoes, coats, and men's clothing plus kitchen items and beds.

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