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Effective 3/18/2020

Today, 3/18/2020 Shawnee Community Services is open for regular operation from 8a to 4p.

However, we have very little available on the shelves in the front of the building.

We are still distributing pantry boxes that were already scheduled.

Due to a shortage of volunteers and all the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 situation,

we are suspending taking donated household furnishings, clothing, etc. We WILL accept

donations of any nonperishable foods and dollars to help our consumers with gasoline & prescriptions.

Effective tomorrow, 3/19/2020 Thursday, we will adjust our operation model.

The "free food aisle/bread aisle" and garage sale area will be closed.

We will be operating a "curbside" service from the pantry door from noon to 3pm.

That is we will be handing out prefilled bags of whatever foods we have been able to

collect with a goal of providing at least a "sack lunch".

The COVID-19 situation is causing a day to day decision process.

Shawnee Community Services plans to be open in some capacity to provide food to

those in need.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in these trying times.

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