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This week Thank You to two churches. One gave a pallet of nonperishables, the other gave two pallets of produce. We are so appreciative that they shared their resources with SCS for our consumers.

Thank you to Missy of Monticello United Methodist Church for spending her Saturdays assembling pantry boxes.

This week we were able to give out 33 to 50 grab-a-bag of nonperishables each day. 114 households received pantry boxes this week.

The current items needed for pantry boxes and “grab and go meals” are: canned meats, chicken/tuna salad kits, protein or cereal bars, pop top can fruit or fruit cups, can chili / spaghettios

During this COVID-19 situation we are unable to use our garage sale to raise funds. Funding is still needed to “keep the lights on”. Funding is needed to help with requests for gasoline, prescriptions and car repairs.

We are thankful for the new donors who have helped out so far. We are thankful for our long time donors who continue to support our efforts to help those in need. It is easy to make a gift using the donate button at

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