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April 6th updates

In the last 4 days, through the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, SCS received two donations totalling $5,500. Thank you to those two foundations for helping us “keep the lights on” and purchase pantry supplies, client gasoline and prescriptions. March 30 thru April 3rd SCS helped clients with $90 rent, $100 prescriptions, $60 gasoline, $100 KS Gas Service, and spent $700 on food.

UPDATE for the week beginning April 6, 2020:

The 10th annual golf classic to benefit SCS is still planned for Tuesday, June 2, 2020. Please contact Sylvia at

913-268-7746 if you can sponsor or golf. Updates will be posted at and FB. There are four committed sponsors as of 4/6/20. This fundraiser is still necessary for operating costs. Falcon Lakes has measures in place to observe CDC recommendations for the COVID-19 situation.

Shawnee Community Services will be distributing bread (and other food items as available), Monday through Saturday from 10am to 3pm from the normal inside free food area.

Pantry boxes will be distributed from the normal door on the west side, from 12p-3p Monday through Friday. Scheduling a day to pick up a pantry box is required. Call 913-268-7746 for scheduling.

We will continue to only accept food and monetary donations until further notice.

The current items needed for pantry boxes and “grab and go meals” are: canned meats, pork n beans, chicken/tuna salad kits, cracker sandwiches, protein or cereal bars, pop top can fruit or fruit cups.

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