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It has come to my attention that many persons do not know that Shawnee Community Services is an independent 501(c)3 charity nonprofit. In other words, we are not supported by any Federal grant monies or any one church or business, we are not a department of the City of Shawnee. SCS is dependent upon the support of the community. SCS has always been supported by what Evelyn called the Widow's Might or I call it grassroots community support.

Today I am asking that as you share resources with Hurricane Harvey, Irma & Maria victims, that you remember to give to SCS also, as we are still here feeding people in this local metro area. Each week we purchase nonperishables, meat and milk that is distributed to 100 households. Each day 175+ families come in to pick up whatever food has been recovered by volunteers from local grocery stores, coffee shops, and more. These families are using these foodstuffs to supplement their pantry package and /or SNAP benefits. Each week household goods are given free to persons who have been rehomed so that they can "Make it a Home". Each day children receive free books encouraging them to read. Each day community service hours are available for individuals, families, businesses, civic groups, churches, and those assigned by the courts. All of these activities and more are done because there is a need in our community, here locally, that continues all year long. The kicker is that SCS has a $2955 a month mortgage payment on top of utilities, wages, insurance & more that has to be made in order to keep providing these services.

Please remember Shawnee Community Services in your giving plans.

Thank you in advance.


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